Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Emirati designer Shamsa Al Omaira is an accomplished visual artist whose works are brought to life through painting, photography, printmaking, and mixed-media installations. “Being a conceptual artist, in my opinion, has pushed me into conceptually connecting each piece of jewelry to an intangible thought, or a provoked emotion,” she tells Savoir Flair exclusively. “Being an ‘artist’ – leaving all achievements aside – has helped me in creating these collections, focusing on their details, looking at them from an art perspective and not just a selling point of view. When I design jewelry, it is the exact same way I paint or create art.”

The O Jewelry
is a fine-jewelry brand that specializes in the use of different-colored sapphires and diamonds and celebrates timelessness in the modern world. “Metaphorically speaking, the ‘O’ symbolizes a circle, which internationally is a sign for unity, completeness, divinity, perfection, and endless eternity. Making this symbol the logo was to create the brand around a timeless quality – breaking the circle in the most beautiful way, open to change, accepting modernity, and celebrating innovation,” she says. “Literally speaking, the ‘O’ signifies ‘Omaira’, the family name to which I owe everything and which I proudly carry – and this means the world to me.”

In the designer’s own words, “The concept came together after a random conversation with a friend; I was discussing how visually beautiful a cloud on a chain would turn out to be. We were joking about the idea. I did not dream about designing jewelry or plan it, but, once the thought was out there, I could not stop thinking about it! We started throwing ideas back and forth and ended up having a serious conversation about sharing these ideas with the world and ultimately providing people with jewelry that had artistic and conceptual bases.”

When we asked Al Omaira what inspires her when she designs, she tells us it’s a question she finds very hard to answer. “It could be a word I read, spilled coffee, a reflection on the floor, a few shed tears, a photograph, an argument, a song, a cloud, a car trail, a genuine smile, or a blank sheet of paper. But, for my latest collection, my biggest inspiration was emotion.” 

The delicate and intricate designs of O Jewelry are original, aesthetically soothing, and highly sophisticated. “It’s simple in a very complex way – it is never just as it seems,” Al Omaira explains to Savoir Flair.

Having just launched the brand’s website – – Al Omaira is ready for what’s next. “I am ready to be stocked at department stores in the UAE, and I’ve been doing some serious thinking about opening up a small boutique in the capital – but it will take some time to find the perfect location, perfect team, and perfect time to launch it.”

Click through the gallery above to view the collection, and visit the brand’s website to place an order.